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The Manufacturing Institute’s work to grow the modern manufacturing workforce features new efforts to promote and educate companies about Second Chance Hiring.

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America’s economic future requires an all-of-the-above workforce strategy.

With over 500,000 job openings currently in manufacturing, finding and recruiting talent continues to be a top concern for manufacturers.

One-in-three Americans currently possess a criminal record. Without second chance opportunities, many in this sizable talent pool are excluded from the workforce, needlessly leaving them on the sidelines as employers search for candidates who can fill skills gaps.

Partnering with Stand Together, and with a grant from the Charles Koch Institute, the Manufacturing Institute is enabling industry to grow the modern manufacturing workforce while closing the opportunity gap. Through roundtable discussions, webinars, C-suite leadership events, case studies and research, the Manufacturing Institute is helping manufacturers navigate second chance hiring and best practices.

Manufacturers are well-positioned to lead in welcoming people into their workforce who are ready and willing to develop their skills and seize the second chance for a promising career.



The Case for Second Chance Hiring

Second Chance Initiative Resource Guide This guide is designed to give industry the tools needed to explore and implement Second Chance hiring practices. This resource offers perspectives and rationale on why implementing Second Chance hiring may be a good fit…

Best Practices in Inclusive Talent Recruitment and Retention

Second Chance Hiring Resource Guide This guide is designed to give industry the tools needed to explore and implement Second Chance hiring practices for their own companies. This resource guide outlines job posting, applications, interviewing, and background screenings best practices…

Case Study: Second Chance Hiring – Talan Products

Overview Talan Products, Inc. is committed to creating opportunities for returning citizens to gain access to well-paying manufacturing jobs complete with benefits and the potential for career advancement. To that end, President and co-owner Pete Accorti has been highly engaged…

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