Samsung home appliance manufacturing plant in Newberry County


Today’s emerging workers are the solution to the workforce challenges of the present and future. The Manufacturing Institute’s key programs and initiatives provide hands-on solutions and best practices on a national scale.

Equipping today’s workers with the skills, network and knowledge to build the future workforce is mission critical for the Manufacturing Institute.

Among business leaders and the American workforce, The Manufacturing Institute creates and facilitates best-in-class workforce and education programs that support and grow the manufacturing workforce through professional development, skills training and industry-leading research.

students in a manufacturing plant


FAME, the Federation for Advanced Manufacturing Education, is the nation’s premier manufacturing education program for training students seeking careers in manufacturing and upskilling incumbents and veterans. By teaching technical aspects, building professional habits and instilling industry-specific culture and skills, FAME develops global-best manufacturing talent.

The program’s key learnings focus on developing well-rounded workers with technical skills and professional skills to prepare them to enter the manufacturing workforce.


The Siemens Charlotte Energy Hub - the company’s worldwide hub for 60Hz fossil power generation equipment manufacturing and service, with additional capabilities for the 50Hz market. Opened in 1969, the facility has manufactured and serviced generators and steam turbines for the power generation market for decades.

Industry Recognized Credentials

Access to a highly skilled and educated workforce is the most critical element for innovation success. Increasingly, companies report they cannot find individuals with the skills required for today’s advanced manufacturing workplaces. These skill shortages pervade all stages of manufacturing— from engineering to skilled production. Industry recognized certifications and credentials are essential to create a workforce that is prepared and successful in the 21st century workplace.


Workforce Projects

The Manufacturing Institute has partnered with employers, educators and communities across the nation to implement solutions to build a skilled manufacturing talent pipeline.