The Manufacturing Workforce: How to Invest EDA’s $3 Billion in Your Community

Join us on August 16 to learn how to use the EDA's funding opportunity to build or expand your manufacturing workforce solution.

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Recently, the Economic Development Administration at the U.S. Department of Commerce announced $3 billion is now available through a series of competitions to support economic and workforce development programs in regions across the country. The funding opportunity demonstrates a strong commitment to employer-led workforce models and a surprising level of flexibility in the use of funds.

What You’ll Learn

To help manufacturers and the broader manufacturing workforce community understand and prepare to compete for these funds, the Manufacturing Institute has scheduled an information session for Monday, August 16, 2021, at 2:00 pm EDT to review the key details of the competitions.  We will also preview a bootcamp we will be conducting to support regions that are interested in developing a comprehensive manufacturing workforce solution to compete for these funds.  Registration is now open for the August 16 information session.

If there are partners or organizations in your region or state that would be interested in using this funding opportunity to build or expand a manufacturing workforce solution, please forward this email and encourage them to register for the August 16 session.

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