Over the past year, 36 states have begun or continue efforts to implement the Skills Certification System. All are at different points on their journeys. There is no “one size fits all” for implementation, but there is benefit in hearing about the progress, common issues and strategies for success each site has adopted into their plan.  This webinar discusses:

  • The current state of play regarding national roll-out of the Certification System
  • A “Year One Progress Report” and facilitated discussion from leaders in Iowa and Nevada


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Additional Resources and How You Can Use Them


In January 2012 Iowa Innovation Gateway invited The Manufacturing Institute to hold a technical assistance forum with Iowa Community Colleges. This presentation was designed to help guide community colleges through a closer analysis of implementing the SCS and identify a go to action strategy.

An op-ed in the Des Moines Registrar by Paul Gregoire, Vice President, Fisher Controls, demonstrated employers' need for a credentialed workforce.  It was held up in the Iowa General Assembly during debate on a legislation that includes language to implement the National Career Readiness Certificate (NCRC) statewide and support the NAM-Endorsed Manufacturing Skills Certification System.  (See lines 22-25 for reference to the NCRC and the SCS)

  • An Education Reform bill also has useful language that designates the NCRC as a viable 11th grade test. See  Sec.34.NEWSECTION.280.18A


Dream It. Do It. Nevada was highlighted in “Looking Up From the Bottom”, hosted by local PBS station KNPB (featured approximately 11:30:00 minutes into the program).  For states that have or are considering Dream It. Do It. networks, this partnership with local media could be replicated to help drive implementation plans.

The Nevada site created an "education asset map" of active and potential partners from: (1) post secondary programs; (2) K-12 programs; (3) Private education programs; and, (4) County education programs.  Based on Nevada's model, here is a tool that can help your site identify key stakeholders in your state.

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