The National Fund for Workforce Solutions is collaboration between the nation’s top foundations and a nationwide network of companies, workforce intermediaries, government agencies, and other foundations. The regional collaboratives fund workforce partnerships, which create long-term relationships between employers and service providers. They offer job training and career support that meet the needs of both employees and employers in industry sectors that are critical to local economies.  The Manufacturing Institute holds webinars for regional collaboratives to implement the NAM-Endorsed Manufacturing Skills Certification System as the key focus of their workforce strategy to support Advanced Manufacturing.

This webinar explores approaches to benchmarking the critical workplace traits and occupational skills an individual needs to operate in a workplace driven by productivity and flexibility.  Keith Lawing, Executive Director, Workforce Alliance of South Central Kansas with Martha Webb-Jones, Senior Manager, Spirit AeroSystems, describe 3 focus areas of their partnership including:

  • Assisting with posting jobs and screening/assessing candidates;
  • Providing training strategies for new/entry level worker; and,
  • Collaborating to develop industry recognized skills certifications in the Aviation sector.


Watch webinar here

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