STEM education couples rigorous academic concepts with real-world lessons to support students in gaining critical skills as: problem-solvers, innovators, inventors, and logical thinkers – all essential skills for modern manufacturing.  Alignment of curriculum with third-party, industry-based certifications, which is the keystone of the NAM-endorsed certification.  initiative, ensures that critical STEM skills are imbedded into the instructional delivery process.  Webinar slides present the NAM-endorsed Skills Certification System and stackable credentials as a “contextualized” STEM learning model that can expand the number of students preparing for the STEM-capable workforce.  It demonstrates the policy framework for applied-STEM models in manufacturing education, and an “in practice” presentation highlighting a replicable partnership between the Empire State STEM Education Initiative and Partners in Education and Business an affiliation of Manufacturing Association of Central New York (MACNY).

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