Right Skills Now is an acceleration of the NAM –Endorsed Manufacturing Skills Certification System, which includes nationally portable, industry-recognized certifications that are combined with for-credit education programs.  These education pathways are directly aligned to career pathways in manufacturing, so students progressing through the programs earn college credit towards a degree, a national certification with labor market value, and the hands-on technical experience to be successful on the job.  In the current Right Skills Now Program, students earn a National Career Readiness Certificate (NCRC) which is offered by ACT and four NIMS certifications.

In the 2011 Skills Gap Report produced by The Manufacturing Institute and Deloitte, over 80% of manufacturers report they cannot find people to fill their skilled production jobs.  As a result, there are approximately 600,000 manufacturing jobs open right now in the United States.  Manufacturers need a talented pipeline, but they also need the Right Skills Now.

As part of the Get Skills to Work Initiative, the Institute is expanding the Right Skills Now program to a group of sites around the country to assist transitioning military personnel gain the skills to enter the manufacturing industry.

Take Action
Are you interested in launching a Right Skills Now program at your institution?  Are you a manufacturer in need of the Right Skills Now?  Or are you a student interested in a fast-track to your manufacturing career?  If so, please visit http://rightskillsnow.org/resources/

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