Institution Name: Cerritos College

Point of Contact: Nick Real, Instructional Dean, Technology Division

E-mail Address:

Brief Description of the Institution:
The Technology division is one of the divisions within the area of Academic Affairs at the Cerritos Community College District. The division offers a variety of opportunities for full-time and part-time students to learn about a variety of career technical education pathways. The technology division is a team of about 100 full-time faculty, part-time faculty, classified and staff.

The various departments that make up the technology division are as follows: Architecture, Automotive Mechanical Repair, Automotive Collision Repair, Cosmetology, Engineering Design Technology, Engineering Technology, Machine Tool Technology, New Product Development, Pathways, Plastics Technology, Welding Technology, and Woodworking Technology. The division serves students that have little or no experience in the technologies as well as students with extensive experience that are currently working in the field.


Manufacturing Programs Offered:

Program Course Name Certification(s) Delivered Credit/Non-Credit
Welding Technology Weld 210L AWS Structural Steel D1.1 (SMAW) Manual Credit
Welding Technology Weld 212L AWS Structural Steel D1.1 (FCAW) Semiautomatic Credit
Welding Technology Weld 130 AWS Structural Aluminum D1.2 (GTAW) 2F Aluminum Credit
Welding Technology Weld 240L AWS Aerospace D17.1 (GTAW)  2F Stainless Steel Credit
Welding Technology Weld 250L AWS Aerospace D17.1 (GTAW)  5F Chromoly Credit
Welding Technology Weld 260L AWS Aerospace D17.1 (GTAW) 3G Aluminum Credit
Machine Tool Technology MTT100 NIMS - Drill Press Credit

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