Institution:  Lorain County Community College

Point of Contact:
  Kelly Zelesnik, Dean, Engineering Technologies

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Brief Description of Institution: 
The Lorain County Community College experience introduces students to a campus environment and encourages personal exploration, growth and discovery of new interests. LCCC offers a unique and rewarding experience because of its courses, educational partnerships, professors, students, facilities and setting. LCCC is one of Ohio’s fastest-growing community colleges because of the variety of learning opportunities it provides including offering the University Partnership where students can earn bachelors’ and masters’ degrees from any of twelve of Ohio universities without leaving the LCCC campus.

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Manufacturing Programs Offered:

Program Course Name Certification(s) Offered Credit/Non-Credit
Automation (System Specialist) Industry TECN 111, TECN 131, QLTY 121, AETC 121 NCRC, MSSC*  Credit
Machining Industry  TECN 111, TECN 131, CAMM 215, CAMM 225  NCRC, NIMS*, MSSC Safety Credit
Mechanical Design TECN 111, TECN 131, QLTY 121, TECN 132  NCRC, MSSC Safety*, NIMS*  Credit
Quality Assurance TECN 111, QLTY 111, QLTY 121, TECN 131 NCRC, MSSC Safety and Quality*  Credit
Welding TECN 111, WTEC 108, WTEC 212, WTEC 216, WTEC 217, WTEC 218, TECN 131 NCRC, AWS D1.1, MSSC Safety* Credit and Non-Credit

*In pilot

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