Institution Name:  Kirkwood Community College

Point of Contact:  Andy Livin

E-mail Address:

Brief Description of Institution:  Community College located in Cedar Rapids, IA. 

Multiple Campuses:  Monticello campus (Regional training center)

Website Link:

Manufacturing Programs:

Program Course Name  Certification(s) Delivered Credit/Non-Credit 
CNC Machining Technology MFG-286 Job Planning, Benchwork and Layout  (NIMS) NIMS - Job Planning, Benchwork & Layout Level 1 Both credit and non-credit*
MFG-259 Measurement, Materials and Safety (NIMS) NIMS - Measurement, Materials & Safety Level 1
MFG-291 CNC Mill Operator (NIMS) NIMS - CNC Mill Operator Level 1
MFG-292 CNC Lathe Operator (NIMS) NIMS - CNC Lathe Operator Level 1
CNC Machining Technology MFG-299 Turning Operations (Turning Between Centers - NIMS) NIMS - Turning Operations: Turning Between Centers Levels 1 & 2 Credit
MFG-324 Turning Operations (Turning in a Chuck - NIMS) NIMS - Turning Operations: Turning Chucking Skills Levels 1 & 2
MFG-297 Milling Machine Operations (NIMS) NIMS -  Vertical Milling / Milling – Precision Location Levels 1 & 2
MFG-332 CNC Mill (Program and Setup - NIMS) NIMS - CNC Milling (Program and Setup) Level 1
MFG-334 CNC Lathe (Program and Setup - NIMS) NIMS - CNC Turning (Program and Setup) Level 1
MFG-298 Surface Grinding Operations (NIMS) NIMS - Surface Grinding Level 1
MFG-281 CNC Punch Press Operations (NIMS) NIMS - Turret Press Level 2
MFG-287 Manual Press Brake Operator (NIMS) NIMS - Press Brake – Setup and Operate Non CNC Level 2
MFG-339 CNC Press Brake Operator (NIMS) NIMS - Press Brake – Operate CNC Drive Level 2
MFG-341 CNC Lathe Operations (NIMS) NIMS - CNC Turning Level 2
MFG-343 CNC Milling Operations (NIMS) NIMS - CNC Milling Level 2
MFG-348 EDM Wire Operations (NIMS) NIMS - EDM – 2 axis wire EDM Level 2

*These 4 classes are currently being offered as a non-credit to credit option or as a full credit classes in our CNC Machining Technology AAS Program.  Students taking these classes as non-credit can articulate these classes into the full CNC Machining Technlogy program.

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