Institution Name: Wilbur Wright College

Point of Contact: Billy McFarland, Program Coordinator

E-mail Address:

Brief Description of Institution: Wright College is a learning-centered, multi-campus institution of higher education, offering students of diverse backgrounds, talents, and abilities a quality education leading to baccalaureate transfer, career advancement, and/or personal development.


Manufacturing Programs Offered:

Program Course Names Certification(s) Delivered Credit/Non-Credit
Advanced Manufacturing Machining Processes I (111)
NIMS, MATERIALS, Measurement and Safety Credit
Advanced Manufacturing Machining Processes II (112) NIMS, Benchwork, Layout and Planning Credit
Advanced Manufacturing CNC Fundamentals (140) NIMS, Milling and Turning Operator Credit
Advanced Manufacturing CNC MILLING (123) NIMS, CNC Programming, Setup and Operation Mill Credit
Advanced Manufacturing CNC LATHE (137) NIMS, CNC Programming, Setup and Operation Lathe Credit

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