Institution Name: Pueblo Community College

Point of Contact:  Gabriel Lucero, Manufacturing Pathways Coordinator

E-mail Address:

Brief Description of Institution:  Founded in 1933, Pueblo Community College is a premier teaching institution focused on providing academic and service excellence, without discrimination, to help its students acquire the 21st Century skills needed to better their lives. With more than 70 programs, PCC fosters economic development and utilizes strong partnerships in the communities it serves through its Pueblo, Fremont and Southwest campuses.


Manufacturing Programs Offered:

Program Course Name(s) Certification(s) Delivered Credit/Non-Credit
Machining Technology MAC 205: Introduction to CNC Milling Operations National Institute of Metalworking Skills Credential for CNC Milling - Operator Credential Credit
Machining Technology MAC 206: CNC Milling Operations II NIMS Credential - CNC Milling: Programming, Setup, & Operations Credit
Machining Technology MAC 201: Introduction to CNC Turning Operations NIMS Credential - Turning: Operator  Credit
Machining Technology MAC 202: CNC Turning Operations II NIMS Credential - Turning:  Programming, Setup, & Operations Credit
Machining Technology
MAC 105: Introduction to Machining Technology
3 NIMS Credentials: Drill Press Skills I; Job Planning, Benchwork, & Layout; and Measurement, Materials, & Safety Credit
Machining Technology
MAC 131: Milling Machines and Operations
NIMS Credential - Manual Milling Skills I Credit
Machining Technology MAC 130: Conventional Lathe Operations NIMS Credential - Turning Operations: Turning Between Centers Credit
Machining Technology MAC 141: Advanced Machining Operations NIMS Credential - Turning Operations: Turning Chucking Skills Credit

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