Institution Name:  Pima Community College

Point of Contact:  Greg Wilson, Dean of Applied Technology

E-mail Address:

Brief Description of Institution:  Pima Community College is a two-year college serving the greater Tucson metropolitan area at six locations throughout Pima County. Founded in 1966, Pima's credit courses award certificates and associate's degrees in a variety of fields. PCC also provides workforce development, career training programs, continuing education, and adult education. Pima is committed to providing convenient, affordable, and accessible high quality education with the power to transform the lives of our students, and improve our community.


Manufacturing Programs Offered:


Course Name 

Certification(s) Delivered 


Building & Construction BCT 100, 105, 107 NCCER Core Curriculum Credit
Building & Construction BCT 172-174 NCCER Electrical Credit
Building & Construction BCT 271-274 NCCER Electrical Credit
Building & Construction BCT 132-134, 231-234 NCCER HVAC Credit
Building & Construction BCT 145, 245 NCCER Carpentry Credit Credit
Building & Construction BCT 181-183, 236-239  NCCER Plumbing Credit Credit
Machine Tool MAC 100, 110 NIMS MMS and Layout Credit
Machine Tool MAC 150, 155, 160 NIMS CNC Operator Credit
Machine Tool MAC 257-259 NIMS CNC Programmer Credit
Welding  WLD 160, 250, 261 AWS D 1.1 Multiple Processes Credit
Mechatronics MCT 101, 105, 110  NIMS Industrial Maintenance Credit

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