Policy Series Reports

Kansas has traditionally been a leader in implementing innovative and incentive-based statewide improvement in CTE opportunities at the secondary and postsecondary level. The state is now providing incentives to better train their CTE instructors and recruit the best talent to teach required courses. The Kansas Technology Innovation and Internship Program provides grants to CTE institutions for technical courses or programs in emerging technologies, manufacturing, or areas of skill shortages. 

The CTE faculty internships provide opportunities for CTE instructors to work in an industrial setting or enable industrial employees to work in an educational setting at CTE institutions in order to give instructors hands-on experience in the area they are teaching. The legislation mandates that the local or regional private business participating in the grant must provide financial or in-kind support to the CTE institutions equaling 100 percent of the amount of the grant.

Program Contact
Blake Flanders, Ph.D.
Vice President
Workforce Development
Kansas Board of Regents
Phone: 785-296-1194
Email: bflanders@ksbor.org 

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