Policy Series Reports

Throughout 2013 and 2014, Governor Mike Pence and the Indiana legislature have been putting forward a number of bills targeted at creating industry partnerships to bolster internship opportunities for students. During the 2013 session, the Indiana legislature unanimously passed the Indiana Works Councils and Indiana Career Council to better align education and workforce efforts.  Both Councils draw on public and private sector expertise to coordinate participants in the state’s educational, job skills, and career training systems. 

The 11 regional Works Councils focus on alignment of regional CTE training with local business needs, and this year awarded $3.2 million in innovation CTE training grants to school/business partnerships. This council also has a key goal of providing work-based learning opportunities for high wage high demand jobs. The Career Council’s mission focuses at the state-wide level to encourage college completion and/or, postsecondary skills, and improved performance of the state’s career services to students and adults. Indiana has also created a number of career academies, which serve as one of many options for high school and middle school students.

Program Contact
Jackie Dowd
Special Assistant to the Governor for Career Innovation
Center for Education & Career Innovation
Indiana State Government
Phone: 317-233-6620
Email: JDowd@ceci.in.gov

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