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The Louisiana Department of Education has established a number of funding streams and initiatives to increase access to career and technical education as well as courses that lead to industry certifications. One example of this is the TOPS Tech Early Start Awards, which fund up to $600 per academic year for up to six credit hours per semester for public high school juniors and seniors in college-level courses that lead to an industry-based certificate in a Top Demand Occupation

In order to ensure that students receive transferrable credit for any dual enrollment classes, the state created Success Through Articulation (STArt), a comprehensive secondary-to-postsecondary articulation agreement for issuing college level credits to high school students that can be utilized as college credits at Louisiana two- and four-year institutions  In 2013, legislation created a STArt Council to award transfer credit for academic content embedded in career and technical education (CTE) courses as well as courses that lead to industry certification, including dual enrollment.

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