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Governor Sam Brownback's 2014 State of the State address lauded a 75 percent increase in enrollment in CTE programs since Senate Bill 155 was passed in 2012.  Kansas has been a leader in engaging students in thinking about career pathways, college preparation, and workforce development as early as eighth grade through legislative action, including recommending an individual career plan for each student enrolled in grades 8 through 12

Kansas has also been a leader in creating incentives for high schools to take advantage of student success in dual enrollment, especially in regard to CTE, by awarding $1,000 per high school graduate to the sending school district if a student earns an industry‐recognized credential in a high‐need occupation. These awards must in turn be used to reimburse students for up to half the cost of an industry-recognized credential assessment. Additionally, high school students are eligible to receive free tuition for college‐level CTE courses, including night and online classes. 

The state has also implemented the Kansas WORKReady! Certificate, a credential that gives employers and jobseekers a uniform measure of key workplace skills.  These initiatives have given students many more opportunities for access to postsecondary education while local industries are able to count on a more reliable stream of qualified workers to fill the skills gaps that currently exists.

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