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Colorado has approached transferrable credit by looking at both secondary and postsecondary systems together. The state has created Advanced Credit Pathways, which allow secondary students to transfer approved CTE credits and competencies to their related courses at Colorado’s community colleges.  The focus of the program is to ensure rigorous courses that incorporate both secondary and postsecondary aspects while also ensuring coordination to avoid course duplication resulting from credits not transferring. Colorado also has a unique approach to secondary graduation requirements in that local school boards may set their own graduation requirements, which can include the dual enrollment courses, so long as they “meet or exceed” the minimum competencies or skills adopted by the State Board.

Additionally, the state has developed an online course builder, which allows CTE teachers to build courses based on industry-defined and academic standards.  These CTE courses may be approved for both CTE and academic credit.  The state also allows students who earn 60 credit hours toward an associate degree to transfer them to a four-year institution through the state’s 60 + 60 transfer plan.  This ensures that any eligible community college student will begin with two full years of the four-year requirements completed.

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