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The 2011 Report of the American public’s opinion on manufacturing reveals that throughout one of the most turbulent periods in U.S economic history, they have maintained remarkably consistent views, year after year, on the importance of manufacturing.  Starting in the immediate aftermath of the recession in 2008-2009, each year our survey has uncovered a consistently high regard for manufacturing, both in terms of its role in the U.S. economy and our global standing, as well as its importance in job creation.  In many cases, the results of our queries on these messages are virtually interchangeable over the past three years.

This is good news for both policy makers and business leaders. It suggests that despite the frequent swings of public opinion on a wide range of topics, Americans remain steadfast in their commitment to creating a strong, healthy, globally competitive manufacturing sector in the United States, no matter the prevailing economic winds. And it further suggests they would support, and expect, appropriate investments toward that end. That’s important for leaders in business and government to understand, as they work together to pull the right levers on the country’s economic and job creation engine. According to the public, manufacturing is a consistent top priority.

Key Findings from the 2011 Survey

  • Americans value a strong manufacturing sector
  • Americans want stronger policies to support manufacturing
  • Americans are looking for better leadership to support U.S. competitiveness
  • Americans see a wide range of competitive advantages upon which to build
  • Americans view the manufacturing sector as fragile and unstable
  • Americans want manufacturing jobs – for someone else
  • Americans have strong perspectives on what needs to change to bolster manufacturing competitiveness


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