The United States exports manufactured products to 238 countries, with most going to just a few locations. Exports to the Eurozone and nine countries made up 69 percent of all U.S. exports in 2011.

Canada and Mexico, our North American Free Trade Agreement partners, are the top two destination countries for U.S. manufacturers. The proximity to the United States and the free trade agreement make Canadian and Mexican consumers, businesses, and governments a natural market for our products. In addition, the combination of the geographic proximity and the nations’ different cost structures allows U.S. manufacturers to optimize their supply chains by exporting components and semifinished products to affiliate manufacturing companies across the border.

The 17 countries in the common Euro currency zone (Eurozone) receive 13 percent of U.S. manufacturing’s exports; as a region, it is the second-largest destination. The long-term viability of the currency union in its 17-member form, though, is in doubt. The sovereign debt crisis in Greece will not subside and financial stress continues to build in Portugal, Cyprus, Spain, and Italy. A double-dip economic recession in Europe is likely already under way, and will limit U.S. exports to the region.

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