Washington, D.C., -  The Manufacturing Institute, the social impact arm of the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM), Allegion and the Colorado Chamber of Commerce are joining forces to educate the next generation on 21st-century, modern manufacturing opportunities and inspire and recruit them to become the next generation of manufacturers. As a State-Presenting sponsor of Manufacturing Day, Allegion is providing substantial support for the nation’s largest one-day celebration of manufacturing, which focuses on showing young people, parents and educators the opportunities a career in manufacturing offers.

“Manufacturers need the next generation to join the team. We thank our many generous sponsors, like Allegion, as well as our state partners, like the Colorado Association of Commerce & Industry, who are working together to show young people the future they can create in modern manufacturing,” said NAM President and CEO Jay Timmons, who also serves as board chairman of The Manufacturing Institute. “Our industry is facing a workforce crisis—with far more jobs open than we have people to fill them. It’s a challenge all manufacturers are tackling—but it also presents promising opportunities for those looking for a meaningful, rewarding career.”

“Manufacturing leaders are truly pulling together to change the mindsets of today’s young talent – the next generation of manufacturers. We are looking for ways to share the excitement careers in manufacturing can bring to prospective employees as well as enticing them to see the challenge and value careers in manufacturing bring,” said Allegion Senior Vice President of Global Operations and Integrated Supply Chain Chris Muhlenkamp. “At the same time, we’re investing in and engaging our current team members, letting them know that we want their hearts and minds just as much as their hands and time.”

“The search for talent remains one of the top priorities for manufacturers in Colorado as other countries look to erode our competitive advantage while at the same time manufacturing continues to fight against the myth that careers in our industry are dangerous and out-of-date,” said Colorado Chamber of Commerce President Chuck Berry. “Manufacturing Day provides Colorado employers of all sizes the opportunity to attract new eyes to new technology and spark conversations about all career options available to the next generation. We’re excited to showcase the promise of that careers in modern manufacturing offers on October 5 at a number of events that will take place across the state.”

“Our Manufacturing Day initiative provides so many great opportunities to show young people the endless possibilities of modern manufacturing and, thanks to Allegion’s leadership, I’m confident we’ll be able to inspire even more to picture themselves in an exciting, new manufacturing career. That has never been more important,” said Manufacturing Institute Executive Director Carolyn Lee. “Manufacturing faces an industry workforce crisis with nearly half a million jobs going unfilled today and millions more projected to go unfilled in the years to come. That’s why The Manufacturing Institute, in concert with good sponsors like Allegion and good partners like the Colorado Chamber of Commerce, works so hard every day to promote modern manufacturing and jumpstart new approaches to growing manufacturing talent—especially through important programs like this one.”

First held in 2012 and organized by its founder—the Fabricators & Manufacturers Association, International—Manufacturing Day gives manufacturers the opportunity to address the skills gaps they face, connect with future generations, take charge of the public image of manufacturing and ensure the ongoing prosperity of the industry as a whole. Learn more about Manufacturing Day in Colorado here, and read about the significant impact these events have across the nation here.

About The Colorado Chamber of Commerce

The Colorado Chamber of Commerce is the registered trade name of the Colorado Association of Commerce and Industry (CACI). CACI was created in 1965 when Colorado's business leaders merged the Manufacturer's Association of Colorado with the Colorado State Chamber of Commerce. Because of its manufacturing legacy, the Colorado Chamber is the official state affiliate of the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM). The Colorado Chamber's mission is to champion a healthy business environment. To achieve this mission, the Colorado Chamber pursues four key strategies:
(1) Maintain and improve the cost of doing business;
(2) Advocate a pro-business state government;
(3) Increase the quantity of educated, skilled workers; and
(4) Strengthen Colorado's critical infrastructure (roads, water, telecommunications and energy).
Of the Colorado Chamber's approximately 400 members, there are 40 local chambers of commerce, 40 trade associations and several local economic development organizations. The Colorado Chamber's members employ about 180,000 workers.

About The Manufacturing Institute

The Manufacturing Institute is the social impact arm of the National Association of Manufacturers. We drive programs and research to promote modern manufacturing and jumpstart new approaches to growing manufacturing talent. For more information, please visit www.themanufacturinginstitute.org
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