WASHINGTON, -  The Manufacturing Institute is pleased to announce Sinclair Community CollegeĀ  as the newest member of theĀ M-List.

Sinclair Community College, located in Dayton, Ohio, is among the largest colleges in America, with an enrollment of 24,000 students. Sinclair features a wide range of manufacturing-related program, including Precision Machining, CNC, Automation & Control, Industrial Maintenance, and Operations Technology. The college is acknowledged for their outstanding Operation Technology courses, and enrolled students will be eligible to receive certifications in accordance with the American Society for Quality. A National Career Readiness Certificate is offered in a non-credit pathway. Students can apply for academic credit after earning the credential.

The M-List recognizes high schools, community colleges, and universities that are teaching manufacturing students to industry standards. Specifically, these institutions offer students the opportunity to earn NAM-Endorsed Manufacturing Skills Certifications as a standard part of their manufacturing education programs.

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