WASHINGTON, -  A skilled workforce is the single most critical element of innovation and success, but the hardest asset for manufacturers to acquire. Hiring the right employee and finding workers that obtain the advanced skills you need is vital to the growth and survival of your business.
The solution to your HR headaches? Prioritize hiring based on digital badges and skills certifications.
Digital badges and skills certifications are a validated indicator of accomplishment, skill, and quality in advanced manufacturing. Manufacturers can use these tools to match the right candidates with the right jobs and grow the skill sets of their existing workforce.
Our partner, Project Lead the Way (PLTW) is awarding a virtual manufacturing badge known as the PLTW CIM Badge to eligible students. The PLTW CIM Badge is a digital award that recognizes the knowledge, hands-on experience, and skills students gain in the PLTW Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM) course. The CIM Badge showcases what the student has learned; thus better demonstrating to colleges and employers an aptitude for a career in advanced manufacturing.
Students will be able to display the badge on their STEM Premier profile and showcase their achievement to colleges and organizations.

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