WASHINGTON, DC, -  Jimmy Whisenant was a Lieutenant Junior Grade in the United States Navy. Coming out of 13 years in the military, Jimmy wanted to find a job in manufacturing, after working as an Engineering Officer on his last ship. As a graduate from the University of Nevada with a degree in geography and a minor in history, Jimmy felt his degree did not provide him with useful skills to help him land a job in the civilian workforce. He decided to pursue his interest in engineering, despite his lack of experience in the manufacturing industry. Jimmy initially applied for civilian jobs and possessed the leadership and management skills employers wanted and needed; however, he did not have the technical skill set or education to be a qualified candidate for the manufacturing engineering positions he wanted.

Jimmy heard
 about Gulf
 Coast State
 College, a Get 
Skills to Work
 coalition school, and its Certified 
 Technician program. Jimmy enrolled in the Certified Production Technician (CPT) program in June 2014. Jimmy took classes 3 times a week for 4 hours a day and came out of the program with a Manufacturing Skill Standards Council (MSSC)-CPT certification. He also earned a 10-hour OSHA certification and went on to pursue a 30-hour OSHA certification as well.

After years in the military and no experience in manufacturing, in just a few short months Jimmy managed to earn nationally recognized skills certifications and obtain a great job in manufacturing. Jimmy received a job working as a Group Leader for PGT Industries, a manufacturer and supplier of residential impact-resistant windows and doors located in North Venice, Florida.

Read Jimmy’s full success story, and learn more about Get Skills to Work.

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