Washington, DC, -  Today, The Manufacturing Institute announced their support in the signing of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) by President Barack Obama.  The act was passed along to President Obama after passage from the House of Representatives on a bipartisan vote of 415-6 and the Senate on a vote of 95-3. 

WIOA will provide funding each year to states for workforce development activities, helping adults and youth receive training and skills development for in-demand careers. The Institute recognizes the need for workforce development improvement, as there is a severe skills gap in the manufacturing industry. More than 80 percent of manufacturers report they cannot find people to fill their skilled production jobs. In addition, manufacturers may lose up to 11 percent of their annual net earnings from a lack of skilled workers, according to the 2014 Manufacturing Skills and Training Study

The Skills Certification System, launched by the Institute, allows individuals to earn industry-recognized credentials that validate the skills and competencies needed to be successful in the manufacturing workforce. Manufacturers use these skills certifications to match the right candidates with the right jobs. To date, The Manufacturing Institute and its partners have issued 294,728 certifications, with a goal to reach 500,000 by 2016. The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act prioritizes federal skills training resources toward skills certification, which will help manufacturers hire qualified candidates that encompass the skills they need to be successful.

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