-  Today, The Manufacturing Institute and Deloitte released a new report, “Celebrating success, achievement and potential of women in manufacturing: A leadership view of overcoming the talent crisis and filling the skills gap.”

Building upon the women in manufacturing research previously published by The Manufacturing institute and Deloitte, senior executives representing automotive, aerospace and defense, process, and diversified manufacturing participated in an executive roundtable on February 6,2014. They discussed women in the manufacturing industry and initiatives to help close the gender gap, including hose manufactures can best attract, retain and advanced talented women in the industry. The roundtable was led by The Manufacturing Institute and Deloitte and moderated by Ed Crooks of the Financial Times.

During the roundtable, executives focused on the C-suite’s role in changing the corporate culture in manufacturing and what companies can do to create a strong employer brand.

Manufacturing executives suggested several strategies to help close the gender gap, including:

  • Integrate women into the corporate strategy to lead a strategic cultural change while ensuring men are equally involved and committed to the efforts
  • Share best practices and be proactive in provide resources to inform, educate and mentor
  • Use affinity groups to generate ideas, motivate peers and give/receive guidance
  • Engage The Manufacturing Institute’s STEP Ahead initiative to engage honorees as leaders and ambassadors
In 2012, The Manufacturing Institute launched the Science, Technology, Engineering and Production (STEP) initiative to honor and promote the role of women in the manufacturing industry through recognition, research, and leadership. The STEP Initiative was founded to change perceptions of the manufacturing industry and create new opportunities for women in the sector. This report was created as part of the larger STEP Ahead Initiative led by the Institute.

To view the full report, please click here.

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