-  The Manufacturing Institute and EICnetwork.tv hosted a special webcast focusing on Women and Girls in STEM + the Arts.

Featured panelists included The Manufacturing Institute's AJ Jorgenson, Harris IT Services Director of Human Resources, Patricia Munchel; Harris IT Services Line of Business Lead & Program Manager for Health and Human Services/Clinical Research Support, Elena Byrley; and Brittney Exline, the youngest African-American female computer engineer in the US, and female leadership from Lockheed Martin's space division.

This is an incredible opportunity to support excellent Internet TV program content reaching a wide audience of students, educators, policy leaders, academia, news media, mentors, entertainment writers, and executives who support initiatives in STEM + the Arts.

To view the webcast, please visit: http://www.eicnetwork.tv/Events/womenandgirls2014.aspx

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