-  Manufacturing Day partner, The Science Channel, will welcome the Manufacturing Institute’s vice president Gardner Carrick on October 4th to the Discovery Creative Technology Center (DCTC) in Silver Spring, Maryland. The DCTC is home to Discovery’s 50,000-­‐ square-­‐foot world-­‐class production center, housing 5 Pro Tools suites, 56 AVID’s, 3 Quantel 3D suites, over 150 decks, and, most importantly, a staff and freelance community of over 100 creative professionals.

The Science Channel and Discovery Communications have helped lead promotion for Manufacturing Day through its hit television series “How It’s Made”. Last year through 27,000 scheduled edit and audio sessions, Discovery editors touched over 10,000 programs like How It's Made on Science Channel, 16,000 promos and 12,000 international versions, creating content for Discovery's more than 216 networks around the globe. “I’m honored to be here at Discove

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