-  ACE Clearwater Enterprises (ACE) will open its doors on October 4th to local students to promote manufacturing. The Manufacturing Institute’s Ben Kushner will be in attendance. ACE specializes in Complex Formed and Welded assemblies for the Aerospace and Power Generation industries. A third generation build to data manufacturing company, we employ over 200 of the best welders, machinists, metal forming specialists and engineers in the business. ACE President Kellie Johnson is a trustee of the Manufacturing Institute.

ACE will be presenting "The Manufacturing Process from Conceptual Design to Final Assembly". The presentation will showcase several conventional, innovative and state-­‐of-­‐the-­‐art processes and technologies including CAD/CAM design, 3D Printing, Work Flow Optimization, Metal Forming, Laser Cutting, 3D Measuring Inspection, and Welding. Additionally we will be utilizing Google Glass and a Leap Motion device.

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