Washington, DC, -  The Manufacturing Institute is pleased to recognize Reading Area Community College as the newest member of the M-List. Located in Reading, PA, Reading Area Community College (RACC) is acknowledged for their outstanding advanced manufacturing and mechatronics programs.

The Mechatronics Engineering Technology Program is one of the RACC's newest associate degree programs. The program uses an integrated approach to learning mechanics, electronics, control theory, and computer science. Upon successful completion, students will be able to maintain, troubleshoot and repair highly sophisticated, automated systems - making them extremely valuable potential employees. The mechatronics program is open to both traditional students looking to earn their degree, as well as current employees wishing to upgrade their skills by taking select courses as time permits.

The M-List recognizes high schools, community colleges, and universities that are teaching manufacturing students to industry standards. Specifically, these institutions offer students the opportunity to earn NAM-Endorsed Manufacturing Skills Certifications as a standard part of their manufacturing education programs.

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