Washington, DC, -  The Manufacturing Institute and the Manufacturers Alliance for Productivity and Innovation (MAPI) have updated 26 of the 65 Facts About Manufacturing to reflect the most current available data.  We will continue to update each of the Facts as new data becomes available.

Updated Facts include the following:

Figure 1 - U.S. Manufacturing Is the World's Tenth-Largest Economy 

Figure 3 - Improved Living Standards 

Figure 8 - Business Is the Largest Source of State and Local Funding 

Figure 9 - Manufacturing Sector Profitability Is Cyclical 

Figure 10 - Investment in Equipment and Software Drives Demand for Manufacturing 

Figure 13 - Trend in Spending on Goods Depends on the Measure 

Figure 16 - U.S. Is Competitive But Not Dominant in Total R&D Investment 

Figure 18 - Manufacturing Pays Higher Average Compensation 

Figure 21 - A Wide Range of Occupations Contribute to U.S. Manufacturing Production 

Figure 22 - Professional and Semi-Skilled Employees Staff the Non-Production Side of U.S. Manufacturing 

Figure 24 - Technology Leads to a Cleaner and Greener Environment 

Figure 25 - Industrial Sector Energy Use Returning to 1975 Levels While Other Sectors Continue to Increase 

Figure 27 - Manufacturing Leads on Renewable Energy Usage 

Figure 30 - The U.S. Is the #3 Manufacturing Exporter 

Figure 31 - U.S. Manufacturing Exports to 238 Countries 

Figure 41 - U.S. Healthcare Costs Are Increasing 

Figure 46 - Manufacturing Exports Alone Are Not Enough to Sustain U.S. Economic Growth 

Figure 47 - Inflation-Adjusted Manufacturing Has Kept Up With the Overall Economy 

Figure 52 - China’s Industrial Emissions Are Greater Than Other Top Countries Combined 

Figure 53 - U.S. Dominance in Product Innovation Begins to Slip 

Figure 54 - U.S. R&D Spending Lead Over Emerging Markets Narrows 

Figure 56 - No Region Has Been Immune to the Decline in Manufacturing Employment 

Figure 59 - The Manufacturing Workforce Has Become More Educated 

Figure 60 - The Manufacturing Workforce Is Behind in Higher Education 

Figure 65 - A Few Core Industries Dominate Foreign Trade in Manufactures

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