Washington, DC, -  Today, Jennifer McNelly, president of The Manufacturing Institute, appeared before the Joint Economic Committee at a hearing on women in manufacturing. McNelly testified before the Committee that as the manufacturing industry continues to face a daunting skills gap and broken talent pipeline, we must consider other talent pools and increase diversity in the workplace.

"Manufacturing is now about the process, productivity, and most importantly, the people," said McNelly, in her testimony. "As people are the key to success in manufacturing, we are not fully tapping a potential major source of human capital for the industry: women. We must focus on sponsorship and personal development as part of the solution to attracting, retaining, and advancing female talent in manufacturing."

To address sponsorship, the Institute has launched the STEP Ahead: Women in Manufacturing initiative, grounded in research, recognition, and leadership. In February, 122 women were honored for their accomplishments and contributions in manufacturing and continue to serve as leaders in their communities to inspire younger generations to pursue a career in manufacturing.

In regards to personal development, the NAM-Endorsed Manufacturing Skills Certification System is part of the solution, clearly identifying the next level of success through education and stackable credentials.

The Joint Economic Committee has also released a report examining the role of women in American manufacturing. The report highlights the fact that manufacturing employment has grown by over 500,000 jobs in recent years, creating new opportunities for women in these fields.

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View the Joint Economic Committee Women in Manufacturing Report

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