Washington, DC, -  The Manufacturing Institute has partnered with NASCO to help address the needs of employers in manufacturing.  Recognizing that the foundation of a strong workforce begins with the education and training of future employees and as the manufacturing industry sustains growth and momentum, this partnership will focus on the expansion of the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM)-Endorsed Manufacturing Skills Certification System, specifically related to transportation, distribution and logistics.  The Skills Certification System is seen as a key step towards building the educated and skilled workforce U.S. manufacturers need to successfully compete in the global economy.

The partnership will provide opportunities to support the enhancement of the information pipeline to leaders about the career possibilities in the manufacturing sector.   The two organizations will also work in partnership to reach manufacturers in the transportation, distribution and logistics sector, to share solutions like the NAM-Endorsed Manufacturing Skills Certification System in an effort to fill the talent pool and close the skills gap.

The NAM-Endorsed Manufacturing Skills Certification System is the flagship education initiative of the manufacturing sector.  The Skills Certification System is being used to integrate nationally portable, industry-recognized credentials – their learning standards and content – into high school, community college, and university programs of study to build the nation’s technical workforce.  Certification partners comprise foundational academic, workplace, and technical skills as well as process and occupation-specific skills necessary for jobs across all sectors of the manufacturing economy.

“In this highly competitive global market, our manufacturers’ business success is tied directly to their ability to innovate, and the single most important factor in their innovation capacity is an educated and skilled workforce,” said Jennifer McNelly, president, The Manufacturing Institute.  “We now have a solution, the Manufacturing Skills Certification System, to help address the skills gap directly affecting the workforce pipeline for manufacturers.  We are pleased to welcome NASCO as a new partner to go forward together to address the shortage of skilled workers in the United States.”

“The NASCO network is a leader in the North American global freight logistics and supply chain management industry, the ‘industry of the future’ most urgently necessary to the success of every single business,”  Tiffany Melvin, Executive Director of NASCO, said.  “Aware of this need, NASCO has identified and endorsed a national model entry-level logistics worker training and certification credential and will work with The Manufacturing Institute to encourage widespread adoption by local and state workforce development entities to focus on this vital need,” Melvin said.

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