Boston, MA, -  Today, The Manufacturing Institute announced the launch of the Manufacturers Endorsed Education Alliance.  As manufacturers are students alike are seeking the right standard of learning to meet the increasing skills demanded in manufacturing, this new program will recognize quality manufacturing education and training programs that are a preferred source of talent for manufacturing employers. 

Manufacturing isn’t strictly a local concern anymore. Original equipment manufacturers—the OEMs—are national or even global. Smaller manufacturers are often supplying the OEMs, so everyone can benefit from a common understanding of competencies. This is true of products in the supply chain…and it is equally true of the supply chain for human capital.

More and more community colleges and technical schools agree. Their regional manufacturing base demands a solution that brings just-in-time training aligned to in-demand skills. The NAM-Endorsed Skills Certification System provides the framework for national, industry-recognized credentials. This highly flexible system allows for local decisions about which skills are in most demand, across more than a dozen industry sectors and disciplines. At the same time, it is rigorous about the standards, so manufacturers can precisely evaluate a candidate’s skill sets and suitability for specific jobs.

The Manufacturers Endorsed Education Alliance—the M-List—is a network of high schools, community colleges, technical schools, and 4-year colleges and universities that deliver high-quality manufacturing training programs that include industry-recognized certifications . The M-List will enable manufacturing employers to find schools that deliver certified workers eligible for in-demand jobs in their communities.  The listings will also tell individuals where to go to get the training and certifications they need to enter into and advance in manufacturing jobs.

Learn more about the Manufacturers Endorsed Education Alliance.

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