-  Kentucky based manufacturing firm, Gray Construction, released an edition of their company magazine, GrayWay, focused on the public perception of manufacturing. The edition, which was released for July of 2012, was entitled ‘Shifting Public Opinion, Changing How Americans View Jobs In Manufacturing’. The edition featured a section on Dream It. Do It., the Manufacturing Institute's recruitment initiative for promoting careers in manufacturing.

Wil James, president of Toyota Motor Manufacturing Kentucky, was quoted in the article. He believes that the 'misguided (perception)... leads to a no-win situation all around.' He goes on to add that 'the solution begins with the manufacturing industry taking ownership and working to move the public's perception to a more accurate understanding of what (manufacturing) has to offer'.

Jennifer McNelly, President of the Manufacturing Institute, stated that initiatives like Dream It. Do It. ‘helped to demystify manufacturing by portraying it as clean, high-tech and innovation driven.’ McNelly considers the negative public perception of manufacturing a serious concern for the industry, one that the Manufacturing Institute works continuously to alter.

Gray is a top industrial construction design firm and has collaborated with the Institute in support of the Dream It. Do It. initiative.
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