-  On January 30th, the first class in the Right Skills Now program was announced at Dunwoody Community College in Minnesota.  The class is at capacity with twenty students who will earn both the National Career Readiness Certificiate (NCRC) and machining credentials from the National Institute of Metalworking Skills (NIMS).   In addition, once the students complete the 16 week program, they will have an internship with local manufacturers.  The Institute congratulates the students selected for the program.

About Right Skills Now

Responding to this talent crisis, and the need to create jobs in this country, The Manufacturing Institute worked with the President’s Jobs Council to tailor the national manufacturing certification system into a nationally replicable fast-track solution to deliver talent to small manufacturers. This accelerated program allows individuals to earn college credit and national industry certifications in 16 weeks, preparing them for immediate employment in high-quality manufacturing jobs and giving them a solid foundation to advance in higher education and careers.

This initiative, called RIGHT SKILLS NOW, is an acceleration of the NAM –Endorsed Manufacturing Skills Certification System, which includes nationally portable, industry-recognized certifications that are combined with for-credit education programs. These education pathways are directly aligned to career pathways in manufacturing, so students progressing through the programs earn college credit towards a degree, a national certification with labor market value, and the hands-on technical experience to be successful on the job from day 1. RIGHT SKILLS NOW fast-tracks and focuses career training in core employability and technical skills by "chunking" relevant curriculum that leads to interim credentials in critical machining skills. While the initial model focuses on machining skills, for which there is immediate demand, the program can accelerate skills development in other foundational skills areas for advanced manufacturing like production or welding. 

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