-  Today, Emily DeRocco, President, The Manufacturing Institute, testified before The House Veterans Affairs Subcommittee on Economic Opportunity on Lowering the Rate of Unemployment for the National Guard. Ms. DeRocco emphasized the importance of a national talent strategy that ensures separating military are able to find good jobs in manufacturing and fill the skilled positions that U.S. manufacturers need to compete.

Ms. DeRocco stated many of the skills obtained in the military, from personal effectiveness attributes such as integrity and professionalism to more technically defined skills such as process design and development, directly align to high skill jobs in the manufacturing sector. She pointed out that inconsistencies in the Transition Assistance Program and outdated job coding creates barriers and confusion for manufacturers who want to hire our nation’s heroes.
In front of the committee, Ms. DeRocco presented a new initiative to connect veterans and current military personnel called the U.S. Manufacturing Pipeline. Developed by Futures Inc., this is the Institute’s online talent matching platform with an initial focus on connecting transitioning National Guard and Reserve personnel to available manufacturing jobs. In addition to connecting separating military to careers, Pipeline also engages with community colleges to provide information about schools and programs that teach additional applicable skills and provide national industry skill certifications.

The Department of Defense is preparing a national advertising campaign to encourage Armed Forces Reserve and National Guard personnel to sign up on Pipeline. Ms. DeRocco discussed the win-win Pipeline will have for separating military and manufacturers looking for talent stating, “We can engage with the Transition Assistance programs for each of the services to reach all active duty personnel who are nearing their transition date, offering manufacturing jobs as an immediate career opportunity for all men and women who have served in uniform.”

Click here to listen to the House hearing and read Ms. DeRocco's full testimony.

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