-  A story was recently published in the Star Tribune about transitioning military personnel choosing careers in manufacturing.  The most current installment to this series focused on Joe Chavarria, a veteran with 24 years of military experience who now has a successful career as a sheet metal fabricator.

Chavarria transitioned into his new career after returning to the United States in 2008.  After contacting his local workforce center, he decided to enroll in a sheet metal class in a technical college.  Shortly after his graduation, Chavarria was hired by E.J. Ajax & Sons.  Aside from his technical skills, Chavarria says  that one of the strengths he brings to his career is "punctuality... I did that for 24 years."

E.J. Ajax & Sons is a Pioneer Metalforming Company, working with PMA, an organization with which the Institute partners.  The Institute has worked on several initiatives to connect transitioning military personnel with manufacturing jobs.  The most recent initiative has been connecting veterans and current military personnel with US Manufacturing Pipeline.  Developed by Futures Inc., this is the Institute’s online talent matching platform with an initial focus on connecting transitioning National Guard and Reserve personnel to available manufacturing jobs.

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