Indianapolis, IN, -  Leadership from The Manufacturing Institute joined over 1,000 participants the League for Innovation STEMtech conference, October 2-5, 2011 in Indianapolis, IN.  Educators, industry leaders, and workforce professionals gathered to discuss increasing student access into and success in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) majors and careers. The 2011 STEMtech conference was designed to help educators explore the strategic use of information technology to better serve their students, campuses, and communities. The Institute conducted a session, The Advanced Manufacturing Industry’s Role in Driving STEM Educational Pathway Models:  Policy and Investment Implications.  Presenters included Martin Scaglione, President and COO, ACT's Workforce Development Division; Emily Stover DeRocco, President, The Manufacturing Institute; and Jennifer McNelly, Senior Vice President, The Manufacturing Institute.

As part of the STEMTech Conference, the Institute also joined The Teaching Institute for Excellence in STEM (TIES) and representatives from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the League for Innovations for a two day strategy session on Learn and Earn.  Industry groups, corporate executives, government officials, and education advocates will convened to discuss how they can help create affordable, practical education pathways that allow more young adults to earn a postsecondary credential that gives them a competitive edge in the workforce. Also discussed will be education programs and policies that enable students to concurrently work and earn their way toward a degree or credential.

Jennifer McNelly's Presentation

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