-  Today, Institute President Emily Stover DeRocco presented as the opening speaker at the Lehigh Valley Manufacturing Summit.  The summit was hosted by Air Products and supported by the County of Lehigh and the Da Vinci Science Center’s Summer of Manufacturing.  The summit was held to afford the opportunity to present the important update of the current state of manufacturing and its future in Eastern Pennsylvania. 

The objective of the summit was to develop partnerships and processes toward a skilled workforce for a thriving manufacturing industry in the Lehigh Valley.  Emily gave a speech highlighting the national view of the issues facing the manufacturing sector, including the significant issue of a high demand for a skilled workforce to fill a rapidly increasing number of open positions in manufacturers in the nation. The high demand for a skilled workforce is a serious issue for the state of Pennsylvania and is also critical to the future of the nation.  She stated that Pennsylvania is starting to do great things and that there is potential for the state to become central to the future of manufacturing not only in the United States, but on a global scale.

Da Vinci Science Center’s Summer of Manufacturing
Emily DeRocco's Remarks

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