-  On June 8, The Manufacturing Institute announced a new partnership with Jobs for America’s Graduates (JAG). The Institute and JAG established a five-year goal of helping 50,000 high-risk young people obtain professional credentials or vocational certification in high-demand occupations. The initiative is designed to expand the number and quality of employment opportunities available to young job-seekers by addressing the needs of local employers in communities nationwide.

Jobs for America's Graduates operates in 32 states and serves more than 40,000 at-risk young people each year, 90 percent of whom graduate from high school. Five thousand employers regularly hire JAG’s young people into entry-level positions.  Some 800,000 at-risk youth have been served since the organization’s founding in 1980.

JAG’s Board of Directors includes six state governors and 12 senior executives of Fortune 500 companies.

JAG provides follow-up services to students for a full year after leaving school.  For the Class of 2010, those services were concluded at the end of May 2011.
This is the most difficult economic and educational achievement time in the 31-year history of Jobs for America's Graduates – and the time of the highest unemployment rate among teenagers in American history.
Many of the front line staff that carried out the actual delivery of services to young people were faced with the “clear and present danger” of losing their jobs, as budget-cutting battles occurred at the state and local levels in almost every one of JAG’s affiliated states.
In light of all of these challenges, the results that JAG received were impressive:

Results for Class of 2010

  • The Graduation Rate was 93%.
  • The Overall Job Placement Rate was 54%.
  • The Full-Time Jobs Rate of those working was 67% and the JAG national standard is 60%.
  • The Full-Time Placement Rate which is the percentage of graduates engaged in full-time employment or a combination of employment and postsecondary education was 88%, while the JAG national standard is 80%.
  • The Positive Outcomes Rate was 79%, which indicates the percentage of graduates that are in civilian or military jobs and/or enrolled in a postsecondary institution.
  • The Further Education Rate was 47% – the second highest in JAG’s history.

We congratulate Jobs for America’s Graduates on their astounding success rates for the class of 2010. For more information on JAG, please visit their website: www.jag.org.

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