-  Washington, DC, January 05, 2011 –The Manufacturing Institute (the Institute) announced a new national strategy to boost manufacturing business revenue across the United States.  The Growth Initiative will enable small, medium and large manufacturing companies to more effectively grow their businesses through access to world class, online business growth development skills training.   Participating companies will begin to rollout carefully designed Growth Initiative Sales Campaigns, based on an affordable online training curriculum delivered through their local manufacturing associations and organizations.

The Growth Initiative is a cutting-edge online training program at the heart of a series of business development campaigns developed by the Institute in partnership with the Florida-based management consulting firm, Growth Development Associates (GDA).   GDA provides sales and management training services online, via a curriculum of engaging mobile apps, along with highly interactive classroom environments.   Internationally recognized for their ability to customize training programs across a myriad of industries, GDA will play a key role in The Growth Initiative with sales training programs featuring manufacturing industry examples, practical applications, and video illustrations.  

“In selecting our sales skills training partner for this initiative, we recognized that far too much emphasis is traditionally placed on teaching sales students what to do in finding new clients and selling products and services.  We have secured the services of a partner that emphasizes how to execute fundamental sales activities, and explains these activities in simple, easy-to-follow instructions,” said Emily DeRocco, president, The Manufacturing Institute.

The Growth Initiative program is simple and straight-forward.  The Manufacturing Institute will recruit local manufacturing associations and organizations in every state nationwide.  These participating associations will then make these training programs and their associated sales growth campaigns available to their members and member prospects.  Member manufacturing companies will then have access to interactive web sites, landing pages, forums, pre-recorded webinars, and a series of 90-Day business growth campaigns.  Beginning April 1, 2011, individual participants from the member manufacturing companies will have on-line access to new skills which will enhance their abilities to grab more of a returning economy.

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-The Manufacturing Institute-
The Manufacturing Institute (the Institute) is the 501 (c) 3 affiliate of the National Association of Manufacturers.  As a non-partisan organization, the Institute is committed to delivering leading-edge information and services to the nation's manufacturers.  The Institute focuses on developing human capital strategies through education reform and workforce development, conducting applied research to provide critical information to public policy makers on challenges and opportunities for today's industry, and advancing the innovation capacity of manufacturers operating in a global market. Visit
-Growth Development Associates (GDA)-
GDA is a privately owned training and management consulting firm with consultant offices located across the country.   Founded in 1989, GDA serves clients throughout the United States and in more than forty countries around the world.  Through fully customized solutions, delivered by experienced sales and management professionals, GDA integrates proven methodologies that give organizations the best opportunity to achieve record level growth.
GDA is recognized as unique in its commitment to the delivery of consulting and training services across multiple industries, with a pronounced track record in manufacturing related industries.
Services include sales training, management training, business and strategic planning, and marketing demand generation planning. To accomplish the successful delivery of these services, GDA has assembled certified trainers, developers and management personnel, each of whom has acquired their professional skills through at least twenty (20) years of formal training and practical field experience.  All GDA consultant / trainers have corporate experience from Fortune 100 corporations and countless successful consulting projects.

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