Connecticut Dream It. Do It. Committee Launch

-  The Connecticut Center for Advanced Technology, Inc. (CCAT) today announced that they will lead a coalition to launch a national initiative focused on enhancing Connecticut’s manufacturing workforce. U.S. Congressman John B. Larson and Emily Stover DeRocco, president of The Manufacturing Institute, joined local education, industry, and government leaders at CCAT’s East Hartford headquarters to endorse Connecticut’s new “Dream It. Do It.” initiative.

Developed in 2005 by The Manufacturing Institute, an affiliate of the National Association of Manufacturers, Dream It. Do It. is a national set of actions to address the growing shortage of skilled workers through a campaign to promote a clear understanding of today’s high-tech manufacturing industry and its contribution to innovation, productivity, economic growth, and high quality careers. The program hopes to increase both the number of students choosing to pursue educational and career pathways in manufacturing, as well as the number of prepared applicants for manufacturing jobs who attain portable, industry-endorsed skills credentials.

While Dream It. Do It. is a nationally recognized program, it is unique because it identifies the efforts already underway in the region and seeks to bolster these efforts rather than duplicate them.  “Manufacturers nationwide consistently report a shortage of skilled workers.  We have developed national strategies to address the image misperceptions and recruitment challenges for manufacturers, but the real action must happen locally,” said Emily DeRocco. “CCAT’s Dream It. Do It. leadership will encourage economic growth in Connecticut through the development of a strong manufacturing workforce. The Institute and CCAT are also partnering with support from Lumina Foundation for Education to develop the state's strategic approach for deployment of the NAM-Endorsed Manufacturing Skills Certification System.”

Connecticut. Dream It. Do It.   will address the common issues and goals of the state’s manufacturing sector--one of the backbones of its economy--to help create a new generation of highly-skilled workers.  It will be based on Connecticut’s existing partnerships and strong record of commitment to the growth of the manufacturing sector as a key economic driver.

“Manufacturing is in Connecticut’s DNA. For generations, the manufacturing sector has greatly impacted the economic and workforce development of our region. However, in Connecticut and nationwide, we have seen the total of qualified and trained manufacturers decrease at a rate that inhibits our overall economic progression and our global competitiveness,” said Congressman Larson. “At this time of renewed focus in ‘Making it in America’, the Connecticut. Dream It. Do It. initiative will heed the call, motivating our future leaders – Connecticut’s students – to stay at home and pursue opportunities in high-tech manufacturing. I applaud CCAT and The Manufacturing Institute for initiating this important program, which will positively shape the economic landscape of our state and our nation.”
CCAT is heading a team of partners that includes the Connecticut Community College System, Connecticut Technical High Schools, business and industry organizations, and manufacturers from throughout the state. “CCAT has proven expertise building partnerships and promoting workforce development for the manufacturing sector,” said Elliot Ginsberg, CCAT’s president and CEO.  “Connecticut. Dream It. Do It. will support the skilled workforce pipeline by strengthening regional partnerships across the state and enhancing communication about new and exciting opportunities in manufacturing to the community at large.” 

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