National Leadership. Local Action. Work Forward.

Cross the Manufacturing Institute’s voice, authority, and expertise with regional action where manufacturers work, plan, and hire and you have Work Forward, a new way to spur employer-led workforce development. Work Forward convenes the business community around a common concern with the skills gap and walks them through proven solutions customized to their region. Several elements help make these events forward-thinking, compelling, and empowering for operations and HR leaders. These keys to action include:

  • Key HR trends that smart companies are using—from the gig economy to retention strategies to being a welcoming environment for millennials
  • The Manufacturing Institute’s “Pain Meter” to help identify the most salient concerns and workable talent solutions
  • The Solutions Workbook to help move from wishes to action plans
  • Calculating Return on Investment for common talent solutions and workforce partnerships

News and Events
March 29, 2016: Work Forward: Southern California, hosted by ACE Clearwater Enterprises
Download the Work Forward Solutions Workbook

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