Brooklyn Lynam
Process Engineer
Shaw Industries

“Manufacturing offers a new challenge every day, and I'm encouraged to never stop learning. There are always ample opportunities for growth, whether it be personal or through leading others. Continuously chasing innovation and process improvement guarantees that I remain absorbed in my work.”

In her role as a process engineer, Brooklyn pioneered a new method of requesting and organizing pod testing which resulted in a streamlined evaluation process. Leveraging Google Apps Script, she automated tasks and date input, enabling efficient review by the quality team. Brooklyn was instrumental in the design of a pressure sensor which measures the downward force of a brush on the finishing line, greatly impacting the final appearance of a flooring product. True to her problem-solving nature, Brooklyn independently evaluated product samples used during performance testing to devise a complementary testing method, making it possible to assign quantitative data to the process for the first time.

Working with Operations Management Trainees (OMTs) and Co-ops (interns) in the MakerSpace, Brooklyn is constantly teaching others how to utilize tools, further company innovation and look ahead to future career paths. Brooklyn’s high drive and ambition was evident when she created a document which simplified and explained highly technical information and converted test data into aesthetically pleasing graphics for brochures.Leading through collaboration, she currently works with marketing professionals to devise methods of showcasing and explaining technical advancements.

Aside from working with Co-ops and OMTs in the MakerSpace, Brooklyn also mentors a FIRST Robotics team, The Fighting Mongooses, based out of Northwest Georgia College and Career Academy. Each person on the team has something unique to contribute, and Brooklyn helps to develop each individual’s unique skill set. Under Brooklyn’s guidance last season, the team exceeded previous records and won 2nd place at a regional competition. Many of the students on the FIRST Robotics team are living in adverse home conditions, and by mentoring these children, Brooklyn exposes them to new opportunities and positive outlets. By helping these students, she is creating a pipeline of leaders who can transform culture while celebrating science and technology. 

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