Heather Erickson
Senior Assembler
AGCO Corporation

“I have the best job in the world! I make something every day, continuously seeking ways to make the product and the process better. Building new products reminds me of putting together complex puzzles. My reward is when our customers acknowledge the quality of the products that we manufacture.”

With a positive and passionate spirit, Heather Erickson has become a key leader at AGCO where she encourages coworkers to embrace new technologies and identify workplace improvements.  As a Senior Assembler/Operator at AGCO’s Tractor Assembly plant in Jackson, Minnesota, she leads sub-system and system assemblies of critical parts, working from engineering drawings and work instructions.

Recently, Heather made wearable technology (Google Glass) for standard work instructions possible by participating in the restructuring and sequencing of thousands of operational method sheets. Heather has become one of the spokespeople in the Jackson plant for the Glass project and has been featured in both magazines and on NPR to discuss the future of manufacturing. Her leadership is helping AGCO understand the value of disruptive technology for employees’ daily productivity.

Heather is constantly seeking ways to improve her skillset, and has taken several advanced education classes to increase her contributions to her organization. She values leading by example and her constant efforts to improve herself and her work environment inspires all those around her. Heather has seen the personal and professional benefits of on-the-job training and serves as a plant floor advocate for new training programs. In her role as an influencer, Heather was integral to building curriculum for select Assembly Academy training. Her expertise and dedication to making sure instructions are accurate and complete have been invaluable for the organization.

In addition to her significant contributions at work, Heather is actively involved in a number of community activities. She participates in several groups with her three active daughters and helps develop content for AGCO’s Jackson Facility Assembly Academy, which offers development and employment opportunities to the Jackson community. She is also a leader within the Jackson chapter of the AGCO Global Women’s Network, has worked to promote breast cancer awareness with the Susan G. Komen organization and supports the March of Dimes.

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