MaryAnn Winsemius
Global Manufacturing Fundamentals Manager
Owens-Illinois, Inc.

"Manufacturing is more than creating a 'widget' to be used in another process or as a consumer good – it is also about improving quality, optimizing processes, building people's capability, developing careers and giving back to communities."

MaryAnn is responsible for leading teams of regional and global technical leaders in the development and sustainment of Global Manufacturing Fundamentals, a program critical to operational stability. Despite being the youngest project manager in the program, she takes the lead on many projects and builds resilient relationships with managers across the globe to achieve the strategies of the company. MaryAnn has also worked directly in manufacturing facilities, contributing to significant production and quality improvements.  She enjoys working with colleagues and is willing to step outside her comfort zone. With the ability to learn quickly, she uses the gained knowledge and skill sets to develop the capability of those around her. She is not afraid to ask questions and share new ideas. Through hard work and consistently delivering results, MaryAnn has gained the respect of many individuals in her industry and community.
Her dedication to mentoring others is unwavering. In college, MaryAnn was part of an engineering fraternity where she mentored undergraduates on resume construction, interview techniques and career preparation. Her passion for mentoring others has continued, as she has grown in her professional career. MaryAnn continues to be a mentor for her peers, helping them develop technical and interpersonal skills.  She has the ability to influence technical leaders, helping them achieve their best business results. By mentoring interns/co-ops and being active in multiple STEM programs, MaryAnn is helping the next generation of the workforce to reach their full potential.
MaryAnn’s passion for working with people is emphasized as she uses her leadership skills to help transform the community. She has been involved in community events for the United Way, Make-A-Wish and Adopt A Family Foundations. MaryAnn is also a board member for a local non-profit Good Grief ( Furthermore, over the past five years, she has been actively involved with the Sarcoma Stops Here Fundraiser which donates to sarcoma research, a local cancer center and education scholarships (

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