Melsha Winchester
Marketing Director
Bishop-Wisecarver Group

"Manufacturing is a special industry that provides a broad range of challenging jobs and the satisfaction of producing something meaningful that helps others in some way! It is a great place for innovation and creativity as the industry is constantly evolving and embracing new ideas."

Melsha started her career at BWG as a Marketing Research Manager and quickly advanced to Marketing Director based on her exceptional communications and business skills, leadership abilities, and strong work ethic. Her influence and impact on the company are far reaching into multiple areas. Melsha shows exceptional leadership by not only initiating new programs, but also driving the tasks needed for success and guiding projects through to completion. She has taken the communications program to a new level through her thorough analysis and strategy across media and other channels. 
Melsha has mentored numerous BWG employees throughout the organization. She has been effective in seeking new regional and national programs that support BWG’s commitment to STEM education and mentoring, and has mentored numerous colleagues in contributing their time, expertise and energy to these causes. Her mentoring provides a long term impact on employees who advance in their careers and make a difference in their communities because of the guidance she provides. 
From cheering at robotics competitions to raising money for cancer research to judging science fairs, Melsha is impacting the community as an individual, while also harnessing the strength of a company to make a bigger difference. Melsha has played a vital role in increasing BWG’s impact in the community by taking the lead on multiple events. From strategically revising the company’s involvement with FIRST Robotics to participating the ASTRA STEAM Summits, Melsha has been integral in increasing reach and effect.
Melsha also organizes school group tours of the site, led the company to sponsor a career placement non-profit fundraiser, supported a regional career fair, judged one of the largest regional science fairs, and promoted Bay Area STEM camps.

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