Carol Wheeler
Director of Engineering & Operations
Code Blue Corporation

"I am completely passionate and devoted to manufacturing the products Code Blue crafts because of the services they provide. I love this company and the people working here. My goal is to help both grow and develop to the best of my abilities and solidify their futures."

Carol has filled many leadership roles during her nearly two-decade career at Code Blue Corporation, from serving as the head of Human Resources and Production Supervisor to her current role as the Director of Engineering and Operations. In fact, if the production team requires additional assistance during a particularly busy month, Carol can usually be found on the assembly floor, working alongside her employees.  She has been instrumental in cultivating a team environment where everyone feels they can contribute. Her natural leadership style continues to foster an atmosphere where every member of team is encouraged to share their ideas and feedback, which are then used to fulfill the company’s objectives and accomplish vital tasks.
Carol is known for her ability to read her employees and discover their hidden talents and goals, unlocking their inner potential and helping them advance in their careers - both within the company and beyond. She is effective in determining those aspirations and assessing the best way to nurture them to benefit both the employee and the company, providing mentoring, additional training, and other resources.
She is focused on sharing her talents to help others. In addition to serving as a Little League coach in Mattawan, Michigan for several summers, Carol relished her time serving as a mentor in the Big Brothers Big Sisters program, sharing her love of Legos and mystery and fantasy novels with many children. Carol has also been an ardent supporter of Code Blue’s volunteer efforts, taking regular shifts during the company’s Habitat for Humanity outings, spearheading collection efforts for the local food pantry in Holland, Michigan, and leading wellness initiatives within Code Blue. 

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