Kelsey Wensink
Regional Credit Manager 
Cooper Tire & Rubber Company

"A career in manufacturing can take you in many different directions. I take pride in being able to create my own personal journey, while positively impacting our business. I enjoy sharing my journey with local students and peers to create a positive perception of manufacturing as a career choice."

Kelsey strives to demonstrate positivity and passion in every task she completes or project she leads. She views obstacles as opportunities, and demonstrates a drive for her work each day, producing great results and elevating the morale of the company and her peers. Kelsey gained experience in both the purchasing and revenue sides of the business, which allowed her to leverage her skills differently and develop a complete understanding of the business. Her skill in building relationships with customers and suppliers alike is integral to her success.
Kelsey is a member of Cooper’s Dream Team, a group of about 40 early-career individuals working toward the goal of changing the perception of careers in manufacturing. The Dream Team visits schools and hosts events that educate and inspire youth on the many career opportunities available in manufacturing. Kelsey finds it rewarding to see a student’s eyes light up when they hear about all the exciting jobs in manufacturing. She hopes, through this program and direct mentorship, that students are motivated to select a rewarding career path and consider manufacturing as one of their options.
Kelsey is an annual volunteer for the Supplier Golf Outing, the largest fundraiser in the county for the United Way; the team has raised over $1 million for the local United Way chapter since the inception of this event nine years ago. In addition, she has also taken part in several Habitat for Humanity builds in and around her community over the past few years. Through this initiative, she works to provide shelter and housing assistance to help these families recover.

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